The Evening Spider

A gripping blend of psychological suspense and historical true crime, this riveting novel—inspired by a sensational real-life murder from the 1800s—by critically acclaimed author Emily Arsenault delivers a heart-stopping mystery linking two young mothers from different centuries.

“Arsenault deftly shifts among three perspectives in this exquisitely creepy blend of historical true crime and modern ghost story … Arsenualt’s gift for letting readers feel the characters’ anguish from the inside while showing their irrational strangeness from the outside makes for terror that sticks.” – Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“From the opening pages, it’s clear that this will be a haunting novel … An engrossing, suspenseful mix of historical fiction and contemporary thriller, with some unexpected twists and wisdom: ‘We have to learn to live with our ghosts.’ ” – Booklist

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The writer of a popular memoir dies mysteriously and leaves behind clues about her death in an unfinished manuscript.

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